Purple group

25 children (13 girls and 12 boys) will start their adventure in Daisy kindergarten’s Purple group with Hungarian and English teachers. Together we will open the “gate of wonder” and walk through the enchanted pathway, hand in hand. And what awaits us? Multitudes of great games, fun and laughter - topped with Hungarian and English stories, verses and songs.

Veronika Boncz

My credo:

Learn through playing and love lovingly! Discovering and nurturing our inner and outer values. To live in friendship with ourselves and our environment, while also helping others. To discover the little joys in life and be able to appreciate them.

Zita Perera

I joined the teaching staff at Daisy Kindergarten this year. I attended this kindergarten as a child, where I was in Green group, and returned later as a student. It gives me such joy that I can now be the kindergarten teacher in this group. Singing and music is very close to my heart, which is a result of my musical background. My aim is to provide a calm, loving, family-like atmosphere for the children. I find it very important that the children feel safe and for them to turn to me with

Carly Fitz
English teacher

My name is Carly and I am from Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States. I have always wanted to work in early childhood education, because I strongly believe in  fostering a love for learning at a young age. I approach everything in life with passion and enthusiasm. I also believe curiosity and creativity to be essential to all endeavors. Most importantly, I am beyond excited to be joining Purple Group at Daisy Kindergarten; not only for the amazing tutelage opportunity, but also for the chance to be a part of and encourage all the children in their bilingual adventure. My goal is to make acquiring the English language intriguing and joyous for all children.

Danni Szeli
English teacher

My name is Danni and I joined Daisy Kindergarten in 2019 as the Main English Teacher in Purple  group.

I am originally from Warrington, UK and have lived in Hungary since 2004. I have over 20 years of teaching experience working with ages from 18 months to adults.  This year I will be working in several kindergartens as a Teacher Coach as well as spending a day   in Purple and Bluebell groups. I am very pleased to be part of the kindergartens and I feel honored to be working alongside my colleagues in both buildings. I am really looking forward to building a relationship with the children, helping them feel comfortable and guiding them on this special journey within the Bilingual Program. Being part of their development and curiosity is such a wonderful experience.

Andrea Szőke

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