Dandelion group

There are 26 children in our middle group, 13 girls and 13 boys. We love movement games. We are very good at chanting and singing. Our favourite activities include building with blocks and cooking in the baby kitchen. We are happy when we are outdoors, nature is close to our hearts. We like to observe plants, animals-especially squirrels and ladybugs. Us Dandelions are a happy group who stick together.

Tünde Peszlen

I have been working at Colourful Kindergarten for the past 20 years. It is a very friendly, family-like kindergarten that is dear to-and  loved by children. I love our kindergarten’s gardens, where we can play with the children in a nice environment and breathe fresh air.

Many animals can be found here, like pheasants, bugs, squirrels and birds.

As a kindergarten teacher it is important to me that our kindergarten days are filled with joy, fun activities and experiences, in which the children can develop their knowledge and abilities 

Csizmadia Diána

Vivica Reeves
English Teacher

Vivica Reeves: I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado in America. I received a Bachelor’s in Media Arts and I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado in America. I have a degree in Media Arts and Animation as I love children’s films. I found a teaching position in Shanghai that uses Disney films to teach English and worked there for nearly two years, enjoying playing, singing, and watching the children’s use of English grow. After working with kids for a year inThe United States, I decided to travel abroad to experience a different teaching style and culture. As a floater teacher I hope to meet and get to know as many people as possible. I will be working in Bluebell and Daisy groups at Colorful Kindergarten, and Green group in Daisy Kindergarten. Besides teaching and spending time with children, I enjoy drawing and writing.

Amy Swartz
English Teacher

My name is Amy Swartz and this will be my fourth year here at the kindergarten. I was born and raised in Palm Springs, California, but before moving to Hungary in 2018 I lived in Dallas, Texas.


This year I am fortunate to be spending my time in three different groups ; Red, Purple, and Dandelion. Since moving here, I not only fell in love with the city, but also with the kindergarten. The Bilingual Program allows the children to be immersed in the English language on a daily basis. Watching the children do activities in both English and Hungarian is truly astounding and I am grateful to be a part of it. I am looking forward to continuing playing more games and singing more songs with the children!

Gyöngyike Keresztes
Teacher assistant

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