Bluebell group

There are 25 children in our group, 12 girls and 13 boys. 

Our sense of community is quite developed, the children are open towards one another, friendships are forming and becoming deeper. 

The childrens’ play activities are versatile and full of imagination. Role-playing and constructing games are the most favoured. 

All of the children like to move and they use our equipment freely and happily (our new toys include a large climbing frame, monkey-bars, trambuline, cone..), and are also happy to participate in planned movement activities.

They are very independent when it comes to helping themselves.

They receive the new projects with joy and happily participate in them.

This year we hope to go on many outside programmes and excursions.

Our children are very communicative and aren’t afraid to ask questions, talk and tell stories.

They understand the English language more each day, and can communicate with the English native teacher more easily as a result. They love to sing the English songs and chant the verses.

Enikő Szabó

My name is Eniko Szabo. I joined this wonderful teaching staff in 2019, when I became one of the kindergarten teachers in Bluebell group. My wish came true, that I can work at the kindergarten where my children once attended. I know that children can receive everything that is needed for a happy childhood here: games, love, attention, happiness. I try my best to pat attention to each and every child, find the path to their heart so I can provide them with a happy kindergarten life, one that they think back on with joy. I believe that every child is unique and everyone is wonderful in their own way. Just as Ervin Lazar wrote in Poor Dzsoni and Arnika: 

“ - But everyone is talented in something?

  • Yes. Everyone.
  • Are you sure?
  • Absolutely.
  • What is my talent?
  • When you grow up we will find out.
  • And now I have no talents?
  • Yes, you do. You ask great questions.”

Klein Tibor
teacher assistant

Lisa duPlesses
English teacher

My name is Lisa and I come from Cape Town, South Africa.

I grew up in a bilingual family speaking German and English and know the benefits of being able to speak a second language. I am excited to be spending the year in Bluebell group, getting to know each child and helping them acquire a greater English vocabulary. This will be achieved through their exciting daily program of games, stories, songs and activities.

My goal is to be able to encourage each child to improve their English comprehension and conversation at their own individual and unique level.

Danni Szeli
English Teacher

My name is Danni and I joined Daisy Kindergarten in 2019 as the Main English Teacher in Purple  group.

I am originally from Warrington, UK and have lived in Hungary since 2004. I have over 20 years of teaching experience working with ages from 18 months to adults.  This year I will be working in several kindergartens as a Teacher Coach as well as spending a day   in Purple and Bluebell groups. I am very pleased to be part of the kindergartens and I feel honored to be working alongside my colleagues in both buildings. I am really looking forward to building a relationship with the children, helping them feel comfortable and guiding them on this special journey within the Bilingual Program. Being part of their development and curiosity is such a wonderful experience.

Ilona Lengyel
Teacher assistant

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