Blue group

Dear Blue Group!

We have been looking forward to September, as from this school year we are middle group. We have some new children who arrived in our group, and sadly some children who left. Thus we will explore our new playground, which is to the right of the entrance with 24 children. We have a new swing, climbing wall, a castle with bastions and slides and a huge sandbox. Our group room has also been renewed as there is new flooring. Now that we are in middle group, we can take part in more activities, which the children love. Our group room was handed over to us fully decorated. The fish also survived the summer and have been missing the children.

Judit Magyarláposi

I’m a kindergarten and drama teacher.

I use creative drama and drama education in my work, which is a method of personality-development, in which the child’s knowledge, abilities and social relationships are developed through guided playing with peers.

Children discover and learn the material, internal and external, social world around them, places themselves in it and establish connections.

György Farsang

I have been working as kindergarten teacher since 2005. During the day working at the kindergarten my goal is for the children to feel they are able to turn to me in any kind of situation. I offer them a loving, accepting and supportive environment that highly contributes to their personality-development at this age.

The children experience activities such as creative drama, free-play, lots of arts and crafts , movement activities, music, verse, story and so many other activities, but love is the most important.

Emese Szentgyorgyi
English Teacher

My name is Emese and I am from a bilingual family. I was raised in both the USA and in Hungary. I have enjoyed caring for and educating children since my tweens and I am so happy to be continuing with the Blue group on this fun language journey.

It’s my pleasure to say that I will now be with middle group. The children have come such a long way since starting, and we are ready to have many more experiences and go on lots of adventures. Here’s to another year of discovering the world in English!

Janet Gulish
English Teacher

My name is Janet and I am from a small town near Cleveland, Ohio in the United States.  I have lived in Budapest and been at Daisy Kindergarten since September 2017. My fiancé and I chose to come to Hungary because my ancestors are Hungarian. 

I have been fortunate enough to be able to spend time in two different groups, with different aged children with  Yellow and Blue groups. I love that each group has its own uniqueness and I have the opportunity to be a part of it.  I have enjoyed watching the children grow and learn through fun art activities we do together. But for me, the best thing about working at the kindergarten is the energy the children bring every single day.

Andrea Jenei

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